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We are building medical expertise through mass training in safe, virtual environments.Good cooperation, communication and medical skills makes increases patient safety.
Nurse wearing VR headset standing in a virtual doctor office and examining a patient.
Icon illustrating CTD Health

CTD Health

CTD Health is a training program in which healthcare personnel can get immersive mass training in basic medical skills, interdisciplinary interaction, and communication. In our virtual world, healthcare personnel can train when they want, as often as they want, and with whom they want – time efficient and without costly course or travel expenses. The only prerequisite is a VR headset and a subscription to our services.

Icon illustrating VR - more effect, less awkward

VR - more effect, less awkward

We know that training in virtual worlds and using a VR headset might be unfamiliar. However, research shows that training in VR is both motivating and provide better results than traditional training. VR removes distractions such as limitations in physical surroundings and performance anxiety in role-playing in front of spectators. By also being able to train more frequently, alone or in a team, trainees become more confident, quicker to uncover changes in patient conditions and better at handling various patient pathways.

Icon illustrating For professionals, unskilled and students

For professionals, unskilled and students

Unskilled workers will gain necessary knowledge by practicing steps 1 and 2 in the "chain of prevention", while professionals, such as nurses, are able to refresh their knowledge and practise scenarios that require collaboration with other parts of the health service, such as the emergency room or 911. For students, CTD Health will function as an ideal training arena for new knowledge.

Icon illustrating Focus on learning

Focus on learning

Reflection on and feedback on one's own actions is important for the learning process. Our application provides users with feedback on e.g., order of examinations, whether measurements are correct and decisions on further care. After completing a scenario training session, the team meets in a debrief room to reflect on their own performance. To facilitate the learning process, the training program has built-in questions to trigger reflection on professional results and interdisciplinary communication.

Icon illustrating Confidence and mastery

Confidence and mastery

Managers must be confident that employees have the necessary competence to handle assigned tasks. In our web portal, CTD Portal, managers can get an overview of registered VR headsets and access to anonymous user data from training carried out in CTD Health. CTD are serious about security and privacy, and our applications are developed in line with acknowledged principles of privacy by design. The information provides insight into how often employees are training, what skills they are practising and the results of the training. That way, managers can encourage training in areas where weaknesses have been identified and applaud good effort.

Tanker fra brukerne våre

Portrait of Jan Christer Sannes- Jan Christer Sannes, IT teacher Nettskolen Troms
"We use CTD Health to give our health service and health care worker participants an opportunity to test and become more comfortable with new health sector educational technology early in their educational course. Having the possibility to collaborate and communicate in a professional and realistic arena such as CTD Health is worth its weight in gold for both us as an online school and for our online participants whom are often living very scattered. Such technology is a part of a more relevant and practical education, especially for vocational subjects - and CTD are contributing to our ability to stay ahead of the game!"
Portrait of Marianne Hoff- Marianne Hoff, University lecturer at VID Specialized University, institute for nursing
"VID Oslo has high professional ambitions for education and research and care about innovation. We have used CTD Health with our bachelor level nursing students and we see great potential in this form of training technology in the education. CTD contributes with realistic course solutions, in particular towards the mapping tool ABCDE. This solution is easy to use and lets the students gain increased professional competency in a safe virtual environment."
Portrait of Solrunn Hårstad- Solrunn Hårstad, Værnesregionen IT (Stjørdal, Frosta, Meråker, Malvik, Selbu and Tydal municipalities).
"The first time I tried VR, I felt sick after a few minutes. Now, however, I can stay in VR for an hour without feeling any discomfort."
Joh Orengo and another person wearing a VR headset.- Joh Orengo, CEO of Spatial8Jury member of Laval Virtual Awards 2022.
"I think this is a prime example of how VR training should be brought to the medical profession, rooted in in-depth research and created in collaboration with the users and other important professionals."