CTD Health

CTD Health is a training program in which healthcare personnel can get immersive mass training in basic medical skills, interdisciplinary interaction, and communication. In our virtual world, healthcare personnel can train when they want, as often as they want, and with whom they want – time efficient and without costly course or travel expenses. The only prerequisite is a VR headset and a subscription to our services.

Two virtual avatars discussing on phone what they should do with an acutely ill virtual patient.

Mass training in observational and assessment competence

CTD Health facilitates mass training in basic medical skills and observational competence. When basic competence is achieved, the next step is to continue practicing procedures such as ABCDE, NEWS2 and ISBAR to be able to conduct structured observations and communication. Through simulation training in concrete scenarios trainees will have their competence thoroughly put to the test.


ABCDEQuick and systematic examination


NEWS2The scoring system NEWS2.


ISBARStructured communication.

«My experience with CTD Health was that the training situation was so realistic that I felt I was training on a real person in a real environment. I was surprised at how lifelike it was.

I strongly believe that this will supplement today's traditional training methods, and that it can enable more people to train more often. VR technology can be an important contribution to increasing competence in the health service.»

- Anne Kristin Ihle Melby, senior adviser at the Norwegian Directorate of Health

Management tools

In the web portal CTD Portal, managers have an overview of registered devices and access to user data from training. CTD Health collects data anonymously to give insight into how often training occurs, what is practiced and scoring on an aggregated level. In this way, manageres are able to map out strengths and weaknesses, and encourage training in areas where weaknesses are identified.

Training data

Training dataCTD Health collects anonymous usage data, giving managers insight into the VR training.

Scenario editor

Scenario editorCreate your own scenarios to practice in VR.

Response from users

One of our test municipalities conducted an internal questionnaire among their employees who had trained in VR over a period of four weeks. Respondents were mainly experienced healthcare professionals.


Useful98% thought it useful.


Important2 out of 3 would practice in VR unpaid.


SimpleThe majority found VR training simple.

«Training this way is GOLDEN.»

Device support

CTD Health is developed such that the application can run on most modern, wireless VR headsets found on the market today. Below, some of the most popular devices among our customers are shown.

Meta Quest

Meta QuestMeta Quest 2

Pico Neo

Pico NeoPico Neo 3

HTC Vive

HTC ViveHTC Vive

«Through CTD Health one doesn't have to act og perform in front of an audience. We get straight to the point, and are able to focus on what we are supposed to learn and get a high volume of practice at just that.»

What is needed to train in VR?

Many might think that getting started with VR is complicated and hard to understand for most people. Few think so after having tried VR training. Very little equipment is required, and CTD Health is designed with test users to be as simple to use as possible for beginners.

VR device

VR deviceYou need a VR device that can run the CTD Health application. CTD Health can run on most modern VR devices.

1,5 x 1,5 meters

1,5 x 1,5 metersA little space, that's all!