CTD at the yearly NSF e-health conference

CTD played an active role during this NSF's (Norwegian Nurses Organisation) 2023 national e-health conference in Oslo titled "Technology in nursing".

Et rom fullt av mennesker som står med VR-briller på og trener på medisinske ferdigheter i VR.
Fra CTD sin workshop under NSF

Together with our good partners from Dyrøy and Tromsø kommune we went on stage to in front of 160 out of 280 participants who chose to listen to our presentation “VR in procedural training and skill enhancement in the municipal health service”.

After opening with a successful live demo showcasing the potential of our VR training solution, we continued by sharing our common experiences from our joint innovation project.

Following the presentation, we also hosted an open workshop session in which we had 8 VR headsets running in parallel, giving all conference participants the opportunity to test our solution CTD Helse themselves.